Steel Palisade

Steel Palisade Fencing is a traditional security fencing system, which has been trusted to safeguard assets at 1000’s of facilities across the UK and beyond.

Fastline Steel Services are the UK’s highest volume manufacturer of steel palisade fencing, producing fencing components from two facilities in the West Midlands.

We use our manufacturing economies of scale to offer high quality fencing at highly competitive prices, and are trusted suppliers to 100’s of fencing contractors across the country.

Steel Palisade Fencing Key Features

Steel palisade fencing has a range of features that make it a popular choice for security and perimeter fencing applications.


Steel palisade fencing is a common choice for protecting high security environments.

Its heavy steel construction creates a robust barrier able to easily withstand attacks from manual tools.

The plain vertical pales make it very difficult to climb, and the pales can be finished with pointed tops to further deter any attempts to climb over the fence.


The durable steel construction makes palisade fencing more resistant to damage than other types of fencing, such as lighter weight mesh fencing.

The standard corrosion resistant galvanised finish also guards against the elements, further extending the expected service life of the fence.

When the expected lifespan of a steel palisade fence is factored in, it works out to be a cost-effective fencing option versus many alternatives.  


Palisade fencing is also a versatile fencing option.

Not only can it be installed over most types of ground, its loose construction means it can be assembled on site at varying angles to account for large changes in ground level.

This is why it is often used to guard railway lines, as it can easily account for the different ground contours running along the sides of train tracks. See our Network Rail Palisade for details.

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