Security Rated

Fastline Steel Services are a leading supplier of LPS 1175 rated high security fencing systems.

We have a range of options including palisade security fencing, metal security railing, weld mesh security fencing, 358 anti-climb security fencing, and all with matching security gates.

We aim to offer competitive pricing and great service on all our high security fencing products, so you can specify and install the most comprehensive physical security system possible within your project budget.

LPS 1175 Security Rated Fencing

All LPS 1175 rated security fencing systems have been independently tested and certified to guarantee they meet minimum security standards.

Testing involves live physical attacks with designated sets of tools. Fencing systems are rated based on the amount of time they can withstand attack from a particular set of tools.

The testing is followed up by regular supplier audits to ensure material quality and manufacturing standards are maintained and end-users can have full confidence in the security fencing systems installed at their property.

High Security Fencing Systems

Security rated fencing system unique to Fastline Steel Services:

Imperium-1 868 Mesh Security Fencing – Imperium-1 868 is a 868 twin wire mesh fencing panel system, and is the most cost-effective A1 (SR1) rated system on the market.

Imperium-1 358 Anti-Climb Security Fencing – Imperium-1 358 is a anti-climb prison mesh style security fencing system.

Imperium-1 Palisade Security Fencing – Imperium-1 Palisade is a classic galvanised rail and pale palisade security fencing system with a unique obscured fixing method. 

Imperium-1 Vertical Bar Metal Security Fencing – Imperium-1 Vertical Bar is a heavy-duty solid bar railing system offering high security with a classic metal railing style.

Imperium-2 358DB High Security Fencing – Imperium-2 358DB is a unique double skin 358 security fencing system offering excellent anti-climb and anti-cut properties, and is the most cost-effective B3 (SR2) rated security fencing system on the market.

Product Information & Sales Support

For further information on each system and selecting the right one for your application, click into the product pages linked below, and contact your local Fastline sales office for advice.

DVSA Earned Recognition
IS0 9001
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